Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman…Maybe Bruce Jenner?

If you were one of the 16.9M people that tuned into watch “Bruce Jenner – The Interview” then you know the very publicized story of how former Olympian Bruce Jenner has publicly announced his plans to transform himself into a woman and claim the sexual identity that he believes he deserves. This is not an […]

Halloween: A Retrospect

After nursing my Pumpkin beer hangover with an array of toasted breads and Gilmore Girls episodes, I found myself reminiscing on all my former Hallow-eve nights. All the clichĂ©s were there: costumes, over-indulging in candy, trick-or-treating with my parents, and the off-hand comments on my breasts. Yes, all the bases were covered. And yet, during my […]

The Ladies Room is Anything But(t)

It was a Friday night and I needed to use the bathroom. We were at a minor league softball game, and the toilets were inside a trailer. That already spelled trouble. If someone is storing something inside a trailer, that person is basically saying “I give zero fucks about this.” As soon as I stepped […]